Please accept my application for membership in the Camp Blanding Rod and Gun Club, Inc. I understand that the Board of Directors govern membership in accordance with current Club Rules, By-Laws and Memorandum of Agreement between the Rod & Gun Club and Camp Blanding Joint Training Center. I agree to abide by the provisions of those guidelines.

Memberships are restricted to current members of the Florida National Guard (Army & Air), current Title 5 employees, retired members of the Florida National Guard, current full-time employees of the State of Florida Department of Military Affairs and retired members of the FL DMA. Temporary or contract employees are NOT eligible for membership.

Membership is limited to 200 members. Participation in some activities/areas may be limited/closed due to military training or national security. Call the hotline in advance.

Applications are accepted from 01 APR though 31 MAY each year. If vacancies are unavailable, applications will be placed on a waiting list.

(1) Renewals (2) current / retired Florida National Guard (3) DMA employees (4) Honorary

New Members:

(ALL documents listed below must be received and approved by the Secretary NLT 31 MAY or application will be rejected)
1 - Current Military ID Card exp date / FL DMA Card exp date.
2 - Hunter Safety Certification Card (Any State) FL Copies available at:
3 - New Member Safety Briefing and Orientation Certification (This can be accomplished after the Sep General Membership Meeting).
4 - Liability Waiver (This is signed when the online app is submitted).
5 - Submit Application & Dues
6 - Sign the MOA Acknowledgement on the home page (the link is disabled until the new MOA is signed)

Renewals for non-retirees:
1 - Submit application
2 - Payment IAW Membership Option selected
3 - Sign the MOA Acknowledgement on the home page.

Renewals for retirees:
1 - Submit application
2 - Payment IAW Membership Option selected
3 - Proof of Guard retirement (you must submit a copy of your NGB22 or NGB23 if you are EXEMPT from paying full dues)
4 - Sign the MOA Acknowledgement on the home page.

They will be mailed to your address on file NLT 30 JUN. Failure to provide required documentation by 31 MAY will result in rejection of application. One decal per vehicle registered will be issued. Additional decals are available for purchase from the Secretary.

As a member of the Camp Blanding Rod & Gun Club Inc. I hereby agree to give up, relinquish, waive any and all claims for damages to which I may be entitled as a result of my presence on Camp Blanding, including but not limited to, any claims arising as a result of my fishing in any lake or hunting in any area on the post of Camp Blanding. I accept the above waiver and fully understand that if I am injured on the post of Camp Blanding that Camp Blanding or the Camp Blanding Rod & Gun Club, Inc. will not be held liable for my injuries. I am fully aware of the safety regulations and requirements of the post of Camp Blanding and the possibility of unexploded ordinance in the lakes and hunting areas. I assume the risk of injury that may occur from the ordinance, which may presently exist in the areas.

I will familiarize myself with the information included in the M.O.A., By-Laws and Club Rules & Regulations (including the Useable Weapons and Maps for each area).

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By clicking "I AGREE" and submitting this form, I am agreeing that all information is correct and true. I HAVE READ AND I AGREE TO FOLLOW ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE CBJTC/CBR&GC MOA (MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT) SIGNED ON 20 OCT 2021, THE CURRENT YEAR'S BY-LAWS & CLUB RULES. I also understand that this is a submission of the ONLINE APPLICATION only. All other documents must be mailed in and approved or scanned and emailed in. After I click on "submit", I have submitted the application ONLY. I understand that by choosing "I DISAGREE" or not submitting this application, I may have my CBR&GC privileges revoked until it is agreed upon and submitted. I will send in a check/money order with the other required Documents. CBR&GC C/O Donny Schultz, 2866 Way Station Ct, Jax, FL 32223, email: or text them to: 904-626-0530
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