CAMP BLANDING ROD & GUN CLUB, Inc. Guest Fees Payment through PayPal

As a guest of a member of the Camp Blanding Rod & Gun Club Inc. I hereby agree to give up, relinquish, waive any and all claims for damages to which I may be entitled as a result of my presence on Camp Blanding, including but not limited to, any claims arising as a result of my fishing in any lake or hunting in any area on the post of Camp Blanding. I accept the above waiver and fully understand that if I am injured on the post of Camp Blanding that Camp Blanding or the Camp Blanding Rod & Gun Club, Inc. will not be held liable for my injuries. I am fully aware of the safety regulations and requirements of the post of Camp Blanding and the possibility of unexploded ordinance in the lakes and hunting areas. I assume the risk of injury that may occur from the ordinance, which may presently exist in the areas.

I will familiarize myself with the information included in the M.O.A., By-Laws and Club Rules & Regulations (including the Useable Weapons and Maps for each area).

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By clicking "I AGREE" and submitting this form, I am agreeing that all information is correct and true. I HAVE READ AND I AGREE TO FOLLOW ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE CBJTC/CBR&GC MOA (MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT) and The CURRENT YEAR'S BY-LAWS & CLUB RULES. I understand that by choosing "I DISAGREE" or not submitting this application, I may have my CBR&GC privileges revoked until it is agreed upon and submitted.
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